About The Job

Policing is a career that delivers both personal satisfaction and the opportunity to make a real and visible difference within the community. Every day is different. Ask any of our officers why they like their job, and chances are, that's the answer you'll get.

It's a challenging 24/7 service and you will work a range of shifts, including nights, as we cover 365 days of the year. You may not always be there for Christmas, birthdays or holidays, but what you will get is the satisfaction of working in a job like no other.

The role of a police officer is critical in maintaining public safety and order and you will handle situations most people never experience in their lives.

Your mental, emotional and physical capabilities will be tested as you deal with difficult and, on occasion, violent individuals.

At times you may be working alone on patrol, at other times in a team, but you will maintain a professional approach throughout, no matter what the situation.

You'll receive great support from your colleagues, and you will soon come to see them as your extended family.

You'll be highly trained and well-supported throughout your service as you help countless people through some of the most difficult situations they have faced, supporting victims and witnesses and providing reassurance in the community.

Career progression and specialist roles:

Subject to performance and availability, you may wish to undertake additional training to support your personal and professional development, including…

Response driving Respond to emergency incidents using blue lights and sirens
Pursuit training Report the progress of vehicles which fail to stop and use rapid tyre deflation equipment
Carriage and use of Taser Conductive energy device designed to temporarily incapacitate a violent subject
Public order Nationally trained tactics and equipment to mitigate and deal with disorder
Method of entry Using specialist equipment to gain entry to premises during incidents, warrants and operations

Once you've completed your probationary period and qualified as a police constable, you may wish to apply for a specialism, for example:

dog handler
response officer
firearms officer
roads policing officer
surveillance officer
neighbourhood officer
pro-active officer

A Great Career With So Many Benefits

When you join us as a Police Officer, we'll make a wide range of benefits available to you.


Up To £43,680

Pension Scheme

Based on Average Salary

Annual Leave

Up to 30 days per year

The starting salary for Hertfordshire police officers working full-time (40 hours per week) on the PEQF entry routes is £26,680, including an annual regional allowance of £3,000. As a PC, you'll receive annual increments up to a salary of £43,030 + £3,000 (£46,030), including the regional allowance.

You'll enjoy the advantages of a contributory pension scheme, which offers generous benefits based on average earnings. You'll start with 22 days annual leave rising to 30 days, dependent on your length of service.

Discover the benefits you'll receive... Working with us

Our staff support their community, and we do our utmost to support our staff. In this section, you'll find everything you need to know on what we can offer for our employees, and what it's like to work here.


Work/life balance

Recognising the benefits of flexible working, we offer all police officers and police staff the opportunity to apply for flexible working patterns. All requests will be given full consideration and balanced against operational policing needs.

Living and working in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is a strikingly diverse county to live and work in, encompassing thriving urban areas and picturesque countryside. Provided below are some useful links on moving to Hertfordshire:

Sports and Social Club

Within our Sports and Social Club, you can enjoy access to a wide range of activities, as well as participating in the force lottery. The club also offers many discounts, special offers, trips, and events for all members. The majority of the trips are also open to family and friends at a non-member price. Paid membership of the club is available to serving Police Officers, Police Staff, retired members, and members of the Special Constabulary. There are also honorary, social, temporary and associate members.

Police Credit Union

Financial products and support is available through the Police Credit Union.

Police Federation of England and Wales

The Police Federation of England and Wales is one of the largest staff associations in the UK, representing the interests of all Police Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors (including Chief Inspectors).

Our commitment to our community

We want to ensure that our Constabulary always represents the diverse and vibrant community we serve. To that end, we’ve devised values that support our strategy, main aims and vision.

Recognising and drawing on our differences makes us better as a police service, so we actively look to bring out the best in each other, as individuals and as teams.

It’s vital that we act as ethical and professional public servants, and we encourage all our staff and volunteers to stand by our Code of Ethics.

We’re committed to providing the best service we can for the people of Hertfordshire. We place a high value on our position as a local organisation, and do everything possible to support the community in whatever way we can.

Support in the workplace

Blue Light Infoline - Blue Light Infoline providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Tri BME Network - The tri-force Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Support Network campaigns for BME issues across the BCH tri-force; Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Christian Police Association - The Christian Police Association has been supporting Police Officers and staff since 1883 and it does this through meetings, emails, prayer and bible studies.

Force Welfare Fund - The Force Welfare Fund provides relief to those going through hardship.

Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) Police Association - A national police support organisation, with members internationally, the association's main aim is to unite and support Police Officers and staff that are from GRT backgrounds.

Herts Association of Muslim Police (HAMP) - HAMP endeavours to provide a support network for Muslim and non-Muslim Police Officers and staff.

Hertfordshire Black and Asian Police Association - The Hertfordshire Black and Asian Police Association is a support group for all Black, Asian and minority ethnicity Police Officers and staff.

Herts Disability Carers Network - A network of individuals, who are prepared to share their experience of dealing with disability and/or significant illness/injury and how to manage those in the workplace.

Hertfordshire Emerald Society - The Hertfordshire Emerald Society brings together all Police Officer and staff who have a connection to the island of Ireland or have an interest in its culture and history.

Herts Menopause Action Group (HMAG) - The HMAG consider how best to raise awareness across the organisation so those affected are clear where they can go for support, and that managers are aware of the guidance available to help them support any of their Police Officers and staff who are struggling to manage at work because of menopausal symptoms.

Herts Police Federation - The Police Federation is the staff association for officers from the rank of Constable to Chief Inspector. Subscribing members receive support and advice from colleagues elected as workplace representatives offering guidance on police regulations and many other issues.

Herts Police Women's Network (HPWN) - The HPWN provides specialist advice when required around reassurance and public confidence and will also support Police Officers and staff within the objectives of the Equality, Inclusion and Integrity Policy.

LGBT+ Network - The Herts Police LGBT+ Network supports all staff on LGBT+ matters, provides support with operational matters affecting the LGBT+ community and gives advice to the force's senior management teams on LGBT+ issues.

Police Chaplains - Chaplains provide confidential and independent support to all staff and Police Officers whether they have a faith or not. They are based countywide across the stations as well as at Headquarters.

Police Credit Union (PCU) - The PCU aim to improve the financial resilience of those who serve and protect. They offer flexible saving accounts and affordable loans with repayments made straight from your wages.

Police Pagan Association - A national organisation supporting Pagan Police Officers and staff. Working together, they aim to improve the relationship between the Pagan community and the police.

Positive Action - Workforce Development supports recruitment, development and retention of staff both internally and externally from under-represented groups including people with protected characteristics.

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Register Your Interest

In order to start your journey, you need to accept the Correspondence Cookie. This will allow us to send you email communication.